June 2013 updates


Letter from "George":  90 Degrees in the Shade on DVD



February 2011 updates


Letter from Antoinette Moat:  "Gypsy Prince"


Obituary from The Stage


February 2010 updates


Link:  The Zulu Film Store


December 2009 updates


Reviews from The Stage Archive

Gavin Gaughan has discovered the motherlode of old reviews in The Stage and has been kind enough

to share them with us. Here they are, with Gavan's comments.

    Two Gentlemen of Verona   [Gavan's comment: Interesting to see that Ian Hendry, who I've always thought of as being in the same under-rated cateory as Booth, was busy at the same time.]

    The Comedy of Errors

    Much Ado About Nothing    [Gavan's comment: From the Old Vic season in the mid-50's; previous articles listed him as 'David Booth']

    Antony and Cleopatra      [Gavan's comment: Intrigued that his credit is just by that of Bernard Behrens, later in much American TV, and who I always thought was Canadian.]

    Celestina  [Gavan's comment: I knew Joan Littlewood had trained to be an actress, but not that she appeared in her own productions.]

    Love and Lectures

    A Christmas Carol

    The Hostage

    In The Nick, initial announcement

    Fings, updated version

    Fings, publicity still

    Fings, review

    Fings, casting change  [Gavan's comment:  MK was then married to Honor Blackman]

    The Ruffians, review

    The Ruffians, blurb  [Gavan's comment:  Some fascinating casts in TV dramas then.]

    The Ruffians, photo


His Work:  Theatre, Film, and TV:  all the above reviews have been added


Letter from Gary Roberts:  "His magic is still there!"



March 2009 updates


Letter from Steve Turner:  "Adam's Woman - An Australian Viewpoint"


Photo added to Want List page

(he picture is a publicity headshot from In the Doghouse.)


Splash page back to normal




December 2008 updates


Merry Christmas splash page


Letter from Kevin Workman:  "He stole the film"


Link:  Fabulous review of Pray for Death!


Link:  Pte. Hook's reputation now restored!


Link:  Review of Ninety Degrees in the Shade in New York Times


Link:  Review of Keeping Mum at The Movie Pages





Link: "Find-A-Grave" website doesn't find James's grave, but does give a nice bio, mostly cribbed uncredited from yours truly.   Read and compare:



Also check out the memorial messages from fans at http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=flf&GRid=11532826&FLgrid=11532826&



September 2008 updates


Original oil painting of Hookie by Craig Rice



August 2008 updates


Link:  Stanley Baker tribute site



July 2008 updates


Review:  The Pub Landlord's Book of British Common Sense


Revenge reviewed in Monthly Film Bulletin


Contacts:  new  photo of your webmistress



June 2008 updates


Bliss of Mrs. Blossom sheet music


to song "I think I'm beginning to Fall in Love"


Sparrows Can't Sing publicity photo

(James Booth and Barbara Windsor on hillside)


Eight new titles added to His Work:  Screenwriting

(The Adventures of Nut and Bolt, Charcoal, The Beckoning,

Indian Joe, Did I Hear a Jazz Band Cry?, The Man With the Power,

The Adventures of Hercules Bolt, Opium)


Penny Gold reviewed in Films Illustrated


April 2008 updates

Letter from Paul Sutton:  "At least Jimmy Booth has balls."


Letter from Matthew Booth:   French Dressing


Theater Programme:  Noye's Fludde  (also added to His Work)



March 2008 updates


Revenge publicity photo (living room)


Revenge Publicity leaflet


Correction:  James Booth never appeared in Rattle of a Simple Man!


Link:  Monty Python's First Zulu War on Youtube

Link:  Zulu voted best war film by British troops


February 2008 updates

Letter from Tim Wood: Rattle of a Simple Man


Rattle of a Simple Man added to His Work:  Theater


Herne Bay Press covers filming of French Dressing


Robbery:  new photo (Clinton Greyn and James Booth)


Splash page back to normal




January 2008 updates


Link:  Dutch website describes charity fundraiser that James and Paula attended in 1964  Includes film!


Happy New Year splash page




December 2007 updates


Charles Lee comments on Twang!!:  "Spectacularly awful!"


Zulu:  New edition on DVD

This "Special Collectors Edition" improves on the previous version with roughly 18 minutes of new footage, including an interview with composer John Barry and an interview with Sheldon Hall that features some behind-the-scenes footage never seen before.


Robbery:  New photo


Link:  Homevideos.com reviews Zulu


Link:  Stanley Baker tribute website



October 2007 updates


Rebecca Hine added to Special Thanks section


Review of Adams Woman in Monthly Film Bulletin


Cinť Monde:  Photospread about French Dressing in French!


Link:  Hilarious Zulu parody on YouTube

   This advertisement for Silk Cut tobacco can be seen at

   (If the link doesn't work, go to www.youtube.com and enter "Silk Cut commercial" into the

   Search box.  The Zulu parody should be the first option in the resulting list.)



September 2007 updates


Robbery:  photo (James Booth and Joanna Pettet)


In the Doghouse:  Campaign Book


Obituary of James Booth's maternal grandmother


Obituary of James Booth's maternal grandfather



August 2007 updates


Obituary of James Booth's mother


Obituary of James Booth's father


Bio:  info about Booth's parents added


Link:  Film book Past and Present discusses Zulu

Chapter 9, "Men of Harlech," is all about the film and includes some nice discussions of Hookie!


Link:  Homoeroticism in Zulu in Cinema Retro online



July 2007 updates


Radio Times article on French Dressing


Radio Times blurb about French Dressing


Kine Weekly: French Dressing on cover


Kine Weekly centerspread on Zulu


Kine Weekly blurb about Zulu


Question-of-the-Month:  Good-bye!


Results of May survey 


May 2007 updates

James's middle name unveiled

    Link:  BFI discovers James's middle initial

    Letter from Matthew Booth:  "Dad's middle name"

    Bio revised


Iwan Williams comments on Bergerac/All the Sad Songs


Youth Wave added to His Work/TV and Want List

The Confederacy of the Wives added to His Work/TV and Want List

Steam, Sanctity and Song added to His Work/TV and Want List

Request Steam, Sanctity and Song

Fršulein Doktor reviewed in Monthly Film Bulletin

I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight reviewed in Monthly Film Bulletin

Question-of-the-month:  Booth vs. Caine

Results of April survey; also, March results updated

French Dressing poster ("Oui oui")

Link:  Sparrows Can't Sing available from BFI

Link:  Sparrows Can't Sing described in film festival article

Link:  Hotline synopsis and preview


Link:  An appreciative mention of Zulu/Hook


Links:  Check out the BFI's database on:

    The Iron Harp

    The Sweeney:  Poppy

    Passez une Bonne Nuit




April 2007 updates


New feature:  Search this site


Letter from Paul Robson:  "Jazzboat"


Letter from Matthew Booth:  "Sports teams"


Review:  Second Sight


Desire Under the Elms reviewed in The Independent


Theater Programme:  Travesties at Albery Theatre


Question-of-the-Month:  Sex Poll!


Results of last month's survey


Bio:  miscellaneous edits





March 2007 updates


Question-of-the-Month:  Which was James's hottest look?


New Section:  Question-of-the-Month archive (with results of last month's survey)


The Man Who Had Power Over Women reviewed in Monthly Film Bulletin

(also added to His Work/Film)


Fršulein Doktor:  What the critics thought


Theater programme:  Desire Under the Elms

(also added to His Work/Theater)


I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight:  New photo


Penny Gold reviewed in Monthly Film Bulletin


Royal Shakespeare Company program folio



February 2007 updates


Review:  Hot Horse


Letter from Tony French:  "The best  we never had"


New Section:  Question-of-the-Month


Rentadick reviewed in Films Illustrated


Rentadick featured in Films Illustrated


Darker than Amber reviewed in Monthly Film Bulletin


Bliss of Mrs. Blossom in Films and Filming


Pray for Death:  three publicity stills


French Dressing:  one new publicity still (with Kinnear dressed as caveman)


Poster, A Thousand Clowns


Zulu mentioned in Photoplay, January 1964



Spelling correction.  Not Hooky; Hookie.  So says the Final Shooting Script, and it would know. 


Link:  Zulu wins sixth place for "most memorable scene"


His Work/TV:  Link to BFI synopsis of The Iron Harp


Splash page back to normal




January 2007 updates


Happy New Year splash page

James Booth as Ambrose Tuttle, in disguise, with party hat and noisemaker (from The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom)


ABC Film Annual 1964:

   "Giant Size"

    "Beside the Seaside" 

    "The New Heroes"

    "Expressively yours James Booth"

     "What do you Know?"


French Dressing:  bikini poster


In the Doghouse:  publicity flier


Fršulein Doktor:  umlauts added, finally!


December 2006 updates

Christmas splash page:  Shirley MacLaine and James Booth in The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom

Almost Strangers:  a Christmas-related excerpt from one of James's own original screenplays

Special Thanks:  lots of new names, long-overdue. Sincere gratitude to all!

The Breed:  review

Robbery: article in ABC Film Review

The Fire Raisers: review in Theatre Arts

At Home...with the Blossoms, ABC Film Review, 11/67 (excerpt)

Gallery:  Six more images have been added (including a nice one of James and his four kids), for a current total of 137 images

Want List

The Hellions:  one new publicity photo added

Link:  Can you identify these locations from Sparrows Can't Sing?


November 2006 updates

Today, 5/23/64:    "One Girl Makes 4 Dreams for Jimmy Booth"

Review of Twang!! in Plays and Players

Article about Percy's Progress in Film Review

Gallery: Six more photos have been added, for a current total of 131 images.

Link:  Sheldon Hall's Zulu:  With Some Guts Behind It  reviewed by Christopher Sharrett

Link:  Review of Keeping Mum

Link:   Information on Keeping Mum

Exclusive Email Interview:  redundant question 68 has been eliminated and James's answer to it is now appended to his answer to 67.


October 2006 updates

Gallery:  Eighteen photos have been added, for a current total of 125.

Photoplay, 11/61:  Ken Ferguson predicts James Booth will be a star

Letter from Phillip Fergason:  "Mountain Dew...rained down on James."

Derek Smith comments on James Booth

Bio:  miscellaneous additions and edits (last sentence now describes final resting place)

Obituary, Daily Post

Obituary, Western Mail

Obituary, Citizen

Review of Keeping Mum in Daily Mail, 12/2/2005

Atlanta Journal/Constitution:  "Catch Some Rising Stars"

Daily Post quote added to home page

The Cowboy and the BallerinaNY Times review

Link:  Pauline Kael's review of Zorro, the Gay Blade

Link:  Review of Travesties in Time, 11/10/75 ("Dance of Words")

Link:  Zulu shows in London theater, with thoughts by Richard Hawley

(The political interpretation Hawley proposes is not endorsed by this website.)


His Work:  Theater section now includes some info on Sus


September 2006 updates

Press release for revival of Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be

Gallery:  This new section consists entirely of photos of James!  There are 107 photos so far, and more will be added in the future.  Click on a thumbnail to see a bigger image and read the accompanying caption.

Bio:  "Childhood" section now includes information about James's sister

Review of Airport '77 from Monthly Film Bulletin, May 1977

Review of The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom from Monthly Film Bulletin, January 1969



August 2006 Updates

Photoplay, January 1964:  French Dressing still of James on cement camel

Bio from Illustrated Who's Who of the Cinema

Review of Brannigan in Monthly Film Bulletin, July 1975

Iwan Williams comments on  Keeping Mum

ABC Film Review, 8/65:  "Look what the tide's washed in!"

Letter from John Grimsey:  Minder

Times obituary sequel

Stanley Baker website closed:  Link has been dropped from Zulu and Links sections.  (Too bad.  The site will be missed.--db)


July 2006 Updates

Publicity materials for Revenge

Publicity materials for Rentadick

Portrait from Second Faces by Laon Maybanke

Review of Jazzboat in Picture Show and TV Mirror

Zulu wins third place among best war films

Quinlan's bio of James (also added to Bibliography)


June 2006 Updates

George Abagnalo comments on Ninety Degrees in the Shade

Photoplay, June 1964:  "Eyes and Ears"

Review, In Character:  Actors Acting


Letter from Howard Schatz:  "Smart, quick, and wonderful"


Zulu: synopsis from ABC Film Review, p. 18

(The article about Zulu that this synopsis belongs to, from ABC Film Review, has been on this site for ages, but this particular page of the article was missing until now.  It has also been added to the already-existing article from ABC Film Review.)


Review of Rentadick from Monthly Film Bulletin, July 1972


Three photos, Bliss of Mrs. Blossom (courtroom, ruff, Chinese)


Photo, Man Who Had Power Over Women (drinks)


Special thanks to  Richard Haylor and George Abagnalo


May 2006 Updates

Hot Horse review


Publicity Materials from Macho Callahan pressbook


Theatre World:  "The Comedy of Errors" (includes two photos of James as Pinch, in a really weird costume)

Theater programme, The Comedy of Errors

Bio from Who's Who in the Theatre, 1981

Review of That'll Be The Day from Monthly Film Bulletin, May, 1973

Plays and Players:  Most Promising Playwright for Big Soft Nellie

Poster, Jazz Boat

Three photos, Bliss of Mrs. Blossom (bathtub, mad scientist, confetti)

Poster, In the Nick

Poster, photo, Sparrows Can't Sing


April 2006 Updates

Article on The Great Gold Bullion Robbery in TV Times, 12/25/60

Letter from Iwan Williams:  Lovejoy and Eastenders

Letter from Gavin Gaughan:  "That's James Booth!"

Review of The Fire RaisersPlays and Players, February, 1962

Photo from Box and CoxPlays and Players, February, 1962

Review of In the Nick in  Monthly Film Bulletin, August, 1960

Comments on Nil Carborundum excerpted from Parables in Farce

Comments on Big Soft Nellie excerpted from Parables in Farce

His Work, TV:  Late Night Line-Up, Omnibus, and Great Gold Bullion Robbery

New link:  Rorke's Drift playsets by Conte

New link:  http://www.genealogyworld.net/azwar/hook.html
(a nice statement about James Booth and the ceremony at Hook's grave)


March 2006 Updates

BAFTA remembers James

Forthcoming book with section about James!

Interview, Today, 8/5/61:  "Some remarkable thoughts from General Booth's Grandson"

Letter from Mark Hedley:  "Gutted"

Letter from Jonathan Reypert:  "Good memories"

Poster, Trials of Oscar Wilde

King Lear:  Photo essay, Theatre World, 1/63 (nice big photo of James on last page)

The Hellions:  two new publicity stills

The Man Who Had Power Over Women:  publicity materials from pressbook

Homepage, new quotation:  "The greatest comedian since Sid Field."--Noel Coward

New link:  www.britishbattles.com--great section on Battle of Rorke's Drift

Want List updated yet again:  I'm looking for the BAFTA awards ceremony,  2/19/06


February 2006 Updates


Keith Howes comments on Keeping Mum


Pressbook, Penny Gold


Theater programme:  Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be


Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be:  Plays and Players, March, 1960 

Theater programme:  The Caretaker

Poster, I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight:  includes small photo of James (see bottom of page)

New photo of your webmistress

New link:  www.cinemaretro.com--a cool site about movies and stars from the sixties and seventies.

New link:  Sir Stanley Baker website--a fan site about the star and producer of Zulu, created by a huge fan of Hookie

Want List updated (again)


January 2006 Updates

Photo, Let's Get Married

Daily Cinema:  Pictures from Zulu premier


Publicity materials from Zulu pressbook


Publicity materials from from The Hellions pressbook

Keith Howes comments on The Hellions

Letter from Bill Owen:  "A lovely personality"

Want List updated


December 2005 Updates

Exclusive email interview with James Booth!


Review:  Zulu:  With Some Guts Behind It


Keeping MumTrailer can be viewed at official site.  James is the dog-owner who silently shuts the door on Kristin Scott-Thomas.



November 2005 Updates

New look! 

Two new old movies with James Booth! 

The Narrowing Circle and The Girl in the Picture are Booth's earliest movies so far.  Has anybody seen them?

Letter from Karl Hegman:  Spidey producer a Zulu fan?

Nil CarborundumEncore May/June 1962

Theater programme:  A Christmas Carol

Review:  Jennifer:  A Woman's Story

Bio  (his eyes were brown, not blue-grey!)


October 2005 Updates

Making-of-Zulu book by Sheldon Hall

The long-awaited, one-and-only, must-have book for every lover of the movie Zulu is now available from the publishers.

The Vessel of WrathRadio Times, 4/16/70

The RuffiansRadio Times, 10/6/60

Obituary, Guardian

Obituary, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


September 2005 Updates

Bio update

Sheldon Hall's speech at Hook memorial service

The Hostage, Plays and Players, 8/59

Man of Destiny, Plays and Players, 6/58

A Christmas Carol:   Plays and Players, 2/59

Celestina: Plays and Players, 4/58

Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be:  Plays and Players, 3/60

Letter from Keith Howes, 8/18/ 05:  A 'broth of a boy'

Letter from Gareth Lewis, 8/14/2005:  "He will be missed by many."

Obituary, The Times

Obituary, The Scotsman

Obituary, Playbill

Obituary, Hollywood.com

Obituary, Herald

Obituary, Telegraph

Obituary, LA Times

Obituaries page


August 2005 updates

Funeral information

Obituary, BBC

Obituary, The Independent

Obituary, Sunday Mirror

Making-of_Zulu film found in garage!

Picture of JB and his wife (see end of Bio)

French Dressing:  four new b/w stills (see Appendices)

Darker than Amber, Photoplay Film Monthly, 7/70

Letter from Matthew Booth


July 2005 updates

Zulu Review, Illustrated London News, 2/1/64

Interview:  "The only real Irishman is a man with an English mother"

The Dutch CourtesanPlays and Players, 6/59

Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'BePlays and Players, 2/67

Letter from Diana Blackwell (your webmistress):  "London and  Sheldon Hall"


May 2005 updates

Truth About Twang!!:  Plays and Players, April and May, 1966


April 2005 updates

Ninety Degrees in the Shade:  Films and Filming, 4/65


Robbery:  Films and Filming, 11/67


Sparrows Can't SingFilms and Filming, 3/63 (photo spread, short article)


Sparrows Can't Sing:  Films & Filming, V. 9, N. 6, Mar. 63, 32-33 (Gow review)



A site that borrows heavily from Sparrows page on James Booth:  A Tribute Website.


March 2005 updates

Mini-article about Evening In Byzantium, TV Times

Interview, Picture Show and TV Mirror


News Flash:  JB cast in forthcoming film!


Interview, Daily Mirror:  The Crooked Finger of Fame Beckons

(Photo just added!)


February 2005 updates

Review of The Hostage in Plays and Players


December 2004 updates

Review of Airport  '77 in Time

Letter from Nigel Steggall:  "The girls got a bit giggly"


November 2004 updates

Airport 77 review

Letter from Glynne Davies:  "Redcoats and Zulu weekend"


August 2004 updates

Adam's Woman article in Movie News, 3/70

Exclusive photos just added to Terry Boniface's letter!

Letter from Terry Bonfiace:  "The icing on the cake"

Review of Fraulein Doktor from  Films in Review

Special Thanks:

Russell Ragar is now my husband.  We were married 5/28/04 in Paris.


Adam's Woman:  


(Pictures of "Bess" (Jane Merrow) with shaved head)


July 2004 updates

Amateur fiction:  a modern-day American's fantasy of becoming a 19th century Zulu warrior http://www.mindspring.com/~saverett/zulu.htm

Zorro the Gay Blade:  review

Photo of Zulu skit, Bruce Formby bio

Not the photo itself, but info on the book where you can find it

A Thousand Clowns review, Theatre World, 7/64

With Some Guts Behind It:  The Making of Zulu by Sheldon Hall,  forthcoming from Tomahawk Media Enterprises, Ltd.


June 2004 updates

Poster from Let's Get Married

http://www.mcgonagall-online.org.uk/poems/lpghero.htmA poem and bio about the real Pte. Henry Hook

Persistent Vegetative State by Alex Keegan
More amateur fiction!  This short story, dealing with reincarnation,  lapses into Zulu pastiche, with references to Hook as he was portrayed in Zulu.


Too Rough to be a Star


May 2004 updates

Fings look up for the crafty Cockney

James Booth's new beginning--when he put down a pint and picked up a pen

Why haven't I been on the box for three years?  No one asked me.


March 2004 updates

Photoplay 10/63

 Ken Ferguson interviews James Booth on the  set of Zulu.

Bliss of Mrs. Blossom:  new photo

James Booth:  actor who turned rewrite man

Evening Standard:  There's Something Odd About Robin Hood

Hello Magazine: Mike Nicholls interviews James Booth about Twin Peaks


February 2004 updates

In the Nick review

Radio Times, 1/9/64 article about television play Stray Cats and Empty Bottles

Spoiler review


Stanley Baker page with videotaped interview clips.  Hear Sir Stanley himself talk about finding the backing to make Zulu!



Noted science fiction writer Brian W. Aldiss talks to Zulu's director, Cy Endfield.


January 2004 updates

Zulu review, Time, 7/19/64

Zulu review, America, 7/25/64

Zulu review, Life, 7/3/64

Zulu review, The New Yorker, 7/18/64

Zulu review, Newsweek, 7/13/64

Theater programme:  King Lear

Theater  programme:  Travesties


December 2003 updates

Sparrows Can't Sing review    New photo.  Also article from ABC Film Review.

http://www.frenchdressing-tribute.cjb.net.  "The Unofficial Tribute To Ken Russell's French Dressing".  Nick Sinclair celebrates this film for its images of Herne Bay as it was almost half a century ago.  


November 2003 Updates

http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/Jbutler.htm  Link to site about Lady Butler (aka Elizabeth Thompson), an amazing woman artist whose painting The Defence of Rorke's Drift was praised by Ruskin.  

Sparrows Can't Sing article in ABC Film Review  

Sparrows Can't Sing review in The New Yorker

Sparrows Can't Sing review by Hollis Alpert in Saturday Review  

Sparrows Can't Sing review in Newsweek

Sparrows Can't Sing review by Bosley Crowther in The New York Times  

Sparrows Can't Sing review by Stanley Kauffrmann in The New Republic 

Sparrows Can't Sing review by Robert Hatch in The Nation 

Zulu review by Stanley Kauffmann in The New Republic

Hellions review by Eugene Archer in The New York Times )

Bio  rewritten in light of new information 

Fraulein Doktor review   New photo 


October 2003 Updates

James Booth:  A Tribute Website has a whole new look, including new graphics on the entry page, a new home page photo, and  a new blue color scheme. 

Ann Heywood site (she costarred with JB in Ninety Degrees in the Shade)  

His Work:  Theater  Review of Afore Night Come 

Hellions:  one new photo 

Theater Programme:  The Fire Raisers and Box and Cox  

In The Doghouse :  three new photos 

Man Who Had Power Over Women   one new photo 

Miscellaneous:  entire section is recent.  Brand new photo under A Director's Dream.

Revenge one new photo.  Also one correction--it's a bottle, not a dumbbell.

Link to www.citizencaine.org, a wonderful and very complete fan site devoted to Booth's Zulu co-star Michael Caine.  

Link to Logan and Glitz.com Cult Movie and Television Site (http://www.advsys.co.uk/loganandglitz/links/glitz-linkstar.htm) for a cool review of Zulu and much more.  

His Work:  Screenwriting:  Two new titles