Question of the Month:  April 2007


Sex Poll!

Thought that would get your attention.  But seriously, it my imagination, or are James Booth's fans mostly men? 

It certainly seems that way.  Aside from a few eBay merchants (and others who aren't really fans), very few women have communicated with me about James Booth--a disproportion reflected in the names under Special Thanks.  I sometimes get the feeling I'm the only female JB fan around.  But maybe that's just because the guys are more vocal than the gals.  Or something. 

To cast some light on this mystery, this month's survey focuses on the gender breakdown of  visitors to  As always, survey results will be compiled from impersonal web stats.   I will never see your name or email address and voting will not trigger spam or other intrusions, so please don't hesitate to join in. 

That goes double for you ladies/women/wimmyn/girls.  If you're out there, here's a  safe, easy, anonymous way to register your presence.  Please tell me I'm not the world's only female fan of James Booth.

Please click on the category that describes you best.  (Please vote only once.)



For results, check back next month.