Letter from Tim Wood:  Rattle of a Simple Man




While I was up at Cambridge I met James Booth and his wife in a pub called “The Eagle”. He was there in the play “Rattle of a Simple Man” and I showed his wife round Cambridge while he was at the theatre. I remember spending a very enjoyable day with Paula. She was a beautiful and friendly lady. It was summer time (I had to spend extra time at college because my marks were not up to those expected of a scholar). We walked around town and took a punt trip down the backs of the colleges while James was either in a matinee performance or, perhaps, rehearsing.

It was in the early sixties, 1961-1964. I am pretty sure that I saw the Hellions not long before I met him and I don’t think that Zulu had been released as yet. The play was probably produced at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.

I am almost certain that James’ leading lady was Nancy Roberts (hostess on the “Double Your Money” game show”) I took her to dinner at my college (Corpus Christi) on the first night that they allowed ladies as guests to dine there with the undergraduates.

I apologize for my lack of detailed memories. If you can provide me with any further information about that engagement I would appreciate it if you would jog my memory.

Thank you,
Tim Wood