May 2007


This question drew even fewer responses than the March question.  To be exact, ONE person responded (by saying no1).  This is not statistically significant.



April 2007


Are you male or female?



Comparatively few site visitors were willing to say whether they were male or female.  The miniscule sample size more or less invalidates the survey.  I remain unconvinced that females comprise a third of James Booth's fan base. 


Male         66.6%

Female      33.3%



March 2007  -- Revised


What was James's hottest look?


This question drew more responses in April than it did in March, when it was Question-of-the-Month!  Although I never intended for these questions to remain open for more than one month, it would be self-defeating to disregard so many new responses and the information they provide.  Evidently the Seventies Moustache look and the Grizzled Survivor look have their partisans, too.  The Fifties Gangster look and the Sixties Sophisticate look both gained in support, but the Victorian Tough look continues to reign supreme.   The April totals include and build upon the March totals.


April Totals for "hottest look"

Fifties Gangster                          17%                

Sixties Sophisticate                    24%

Victorian Tough                          35%

Seventies Moustache                   12%

Grizzled Survivor                       12%



March Totals for "hottest look"

Victorian Tough             68%

Fifties Gangster             16%

Sixties Sophisticate       16%


A healthy majority of respondents thinks James looks hottest as a dishevelled Victorian Tough .  Dissenting minorities prefer him  as a sleek Fifties Gangster in black leather or pinstripes or as a Sixties Sophisticate in a sharp suit and tie.  No respondents are into the Seventies Moustache look or the Grizzled Survivor look. 



February 2007


Would James Booth have made a great James Bond? 


Everybody had an opinion on this one, and three-to-one the opinion was YES!



Yes                  75%

No                   25%

No opinion        0%