I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight reviewed in Monthly Film Bulletin, 2/76, p. 30




Great Britain, 1975                  Director:  Joseph McGrath



Cert--X.  dist--New Realm.  p.c--Antler.  p--Malcolm Fancey.  co-p--Laurence Barnett.  asst. d--Roger Simons.  sc--David McGillivray.  Based on an idea by Laurence Barnett.  ph--Ken Higgins.  col--Eastman Colour.  visual co-ordinator--Paul Hennessey.  ed--J. M. Atkinson, John Carr.  a.d--Tony Curtis.  m--Cy Payne.  sd. rec--David Jones.  sd. re-rec--Tony Anscombe.  l.p.--Barry Andrews (John Pigeon), Sally Faulkner (Cheryl), James Booth (Nutbrown), Billy Hamon (Keith), Bea Aris (Trampas D. Hildebrand), Mike Grady (Boy Scout), Katya Wyeth (Wendy), Brian Murphy (Caretaker), Marjie Lawrence (Careteaker's Wife), Chic Murray (Janitor), Graham Stark (Hotel M. C.), Geraldine Hart (Mrs. Watchtower), Andrea Lawrence (Mrs. Nutbrown), Gracie Luck (Mrs. Hildebrand), Ronnie Brody (Neighbour), Gennie Nevinson (Vera), Juliette King (Heidi), Penny Croft (Traffic Warden), Steve Amber (Policeman), W.G. Maelor-Jones (Lecturer), Sally Harrison (Video Girl), David McGillivray, Robert Dorning, Monika Ringwald, Caroline Davies, Lindi Benson, Eva Lewis, Denise Denny, Michael Cox, Tim Blackstone, Laurie Goode, Richard Horne, Kurtis, Hall, Andy Cromarty and Gerry Crampton (Party Guests), Bob Godfrey (Postman), Rita Webb (Tea Lady), Jean Collins (Miss Bagnell), Jo Peters (Deirdre), Marianne Stone (Lady Consultant), Heather Deeley (Girl in Lecture Room),  Steve Farnham and Lynne Worral (Young Couple), Suzanne Bass, Bobbie Sparrow and Glenda Allen (Nutbrown's Girls), Andy Dempsey and Drew Wood (Young Men).  7,516 ft. 84. mins.


Jon Pigeon is the odd job man at a sex research institute where, with the help of his dim-witted friend Keith, he has secretly developed an electronic aphrodisiac called Agnes.  Jon's sole aim is to seduce Cheryl, personal secretary to Nutbrown, the institute's lecherous director; but Nutbrown and a visiting American executive, Trampas D. Hildbrand, stumble across the invention and try to persuade Jon to share its secret.  His designs on Cheryl repeatedly frustrated, Jon refuses to co-operate; they steal Agnes and a chase ensued.  Jon and Cheryl catch up with Nutbrown and Hildebrand as the latter are about to demonstrate Agnes to a multinational convention.  Jon switches his machine to the wrong setting and the convention degenerates into a mass brawl.  Newly promoted to director, with Nutbrown as his chauffeur, Jon looks forward to a close liaison with Cheryl.  Keith, however, has beaten him to it, leaving Jon in the clutches of a predatory secretary.


Yet another reworking of the male chauvinist's dream theme--the surefire aphrodisiac--lifted to a degree by an unusual hint of sophistication in the script, a decent caricature of a Teddy-rocker by Billy Hamon, and one modestly funny running gag in which a M*A*S*H*-like tannoy periodically bleats out inane Announcements in the background ("Coitus has started in Room 26--please do not interrupt us!).  For the rest, however, the British sex-comedy formula is rigidly and tiresomely adhered to, complete with continuous sexual innuendo, pop-eyed double-takes, bouncing breasts and unconsummated couplings.  In other words, the usual compendium of Anglo-Saxon hang-ups played for laughs--and losing.