Letter from Kevin Workman:  "He stole the film"




I just recently visited your James Booth Tribute website and loved it! Your hard work and dedication have made the website truly exceptional and factual thorough [sic].  I love it and so do many others.  

I`m a BIG "Zulu" fan and James Booth`s Hook is a big reason why.  He stole the film as far as I`m concerned and his lines were classic.  Thanks for starting such a great site for a truly great actor.  Men of his ilk will surely not come around again. 

Any more information on Mr. Booth--e-mail addresses, contact names, etc.--I would love to have because I was such a big fan of his.  Thank you again for all your hard work--it really shows.  Have a great day!

Kevin Workman
Houston, Texas
"A spot of medicinal brandy will fix me right up!"


[Thanks, Kevin!--db]