Paula Booth


Matthew Booth, for grace under pressure and information kindly given

Russell Ragar, my computer-genius husband, without whose technical help this site would not exist

Dr. Sheldon Hall, Sheffield Hallam University, for sharing his erudition and resources, encouraging my efforts, and  putting me in touch with James Booth

The Critchleys of www.rorkesdriftvc.com

Bob McCrea of www.nb.net/~bpm123/

The Internet Movie Database, a.k.a. www.IMDb.com (one of the best websites ever)

The Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA 


Paul Roy Goodhead, President, Anthony Newley  Society


Simon Moss, of  www.c20th.com, for programme notes on The Hostage and Twang!!


Tony Crane of collectors.world on eBay for bending over backwards to be helpful   


Tania Woodall, for digging up so many reviews for me


Rebecca Hine,  Researcher, Salvation Army, for unearthing obituaries on James Booth's relatives


Terry Boniface

Neil Saunders


Karl Hegman 


Randol Hooper 


Martin Everett


John Young


Peter Ewart


Jeff C. Burr


Andrew Leavold of Trash Video


David Fox


Gavin Gaughan


Keith Howes


Gareth Lewis


Alan Wightman


Richard Haylor


George Abagnalo


Phillip Fergason


Iwan Williams


Mark Hedley


Jonathan Reypert


Bill Owen


Glynn Davies


John Terry


Harold Speller


Brian Berry


Dan Quinn


Paul and Helen Robson


Tony French


Charles Lee  Antoinette Moat





All of my pen-pals, correspondents, and fellow-fans of JB