Conventional libraries contain little information about James Booth (especially compared to the Internet ,  which is also an unrivaled source of memorabilia).  Some of the books and  articles that I've found are listed here, and more will be added as I get around to it.. If you know of other titles to list, please contact me (  --db


ABC  Film Annual 1964 edited by Norman Taylor, Associated British Cinemas Ltd., 30/31 Golden Square, London.    This book contains five articles that deal with James Booth.   If a star's success can measured by mentions in the entertainment press, then 1964 was the peak of James's  career.

The Pub Landlord's Book of British Common Sense

by Al Murray

Hodder & Stoughton, 2007

The Illustrated Who's Who of the Cinema, 1983

Quinlan's Film Stars by David Quinlan, Chrysalis Books, 2000, 5th ed.

Second Faces by Laon Maybanke, Arlington Books, London, 1965

In Character:  Actors Acting by Roger Ebert and Howard Schatz, Bullfinch, April 13, 2006.

All of Me by Barbara Windsor and Robin McGibbon,  Headline, London, 2000

More or Less by Kenneth More, Hodder and Stoughton, 1978,  ISBN 0 340 22603 X

Anything for a Quiet Life by Jack Hawkins, Elm Tree Books, Hamish Hamilton, London , 1973

Joan's Book:  Joan Littlewood's Peculiar History As She Tells It by Joan Littlewood, Methuen, London,1994

What's It All About?  An Autobiography by Michael Caine, Turtle Bay Books, Random House, New York, 1992

Doing Rude Things:  The History of the British Sex Film, 1957-1981 by David McGillivray, sun tavern fields, 1992

Who's Who

So You Wanna Be A Director? by Ken Annekin,  Tomahawk Press, 2001

ABC Film Review '64:  French Dressing

British Film Character Actors:  Great Names and Memorable Moments by Terence Pettigrew, Notwa, N.J.:  Barnes & Noble Books, 1982

Review of Airport  '77 in Time


Review of Fräulein Doktor from Films in Review

Review by Eugene Archer in The New York Times, 3/15/62, 28:2

Movie News, 3/70  article about Adam's Woman:  "Bi-Centennary World Premier for new Australian Film"

A Thousand Clowns review, Theatre World, 7/64

Sparrows Can't Sing

National Review, 15:72 JL 30'63

Nation, 196:430, MY 18 '63

New Republic, 148:30, MY 18, '63

New Yorker, 39:169-70, MY 18, '63

Newsweek 61:105, MY 13, '63

Saturday Review 46:40, MY 11, '63

Filmfacts V. VI (1963) p. 94

Films & Filming, V. 9, N. 6, Mar. 63, 32-33

Movie, N. 7, p. 36

Sight & Sound, V. 32, N. 2 (Spring '63), 92-93

NY Times, My 7, 46:2,

NY Times, My 12 II, 1:8

NY Times, My 31, 30:1



Bruce:  The Autobiography by Bruce Forsyth, Pan Books, London, 2002, (ISBN 0 330 48876 7).  Black-and-white photograph of James Booth, Stanley Baker, and Bruce Forsyth, all dressed in red tunics, performing a Zulu skit at the Palladium.  (Booth has short sideburns, neatly-combed hair,  no neck-scarf, so far as I can see, and a harmless expression.  He's slightly dishevelled, and holding a rifle, but he's not Hook!)  

With Some Guts Behind It:  The Making of Zulu by Sheldon Hall,  Media Enterprises, Ltd., 2005.

America III:94-5, JL 25 '64

Life 57:20 JL 3 '64

New Republic, 150:26, JE 20'64

New Yorker, 40:93 JL 18'64

Newsweek 64:85 JL 13 '64

Time  84:96, JL 10 '64

Monkey Feathers:  Defending Zulu (1964) by Sheldon Hall,  from "British Historical Cinema ", eds. C. Mark and A. Sargeant, pub. Rutledge, 2002. [Note:  A solid refutation of all that nonsense  about   pro-imperialist and/ or racist tendencies in Zulu, by the leading authority on the film ].  

Zulu or the Limits of Liberalism by Christopher Sharrett, Cineaste, vol. XXV, no. 4, 2000, pp. 28-33  [Note:  Sharrett's take on Zulu is off base in my opinion, but this article nevertheless contains something cool and unusual:  a long, vivid  paragraph about Booth-as-Hook showing close observation of the film and some actual feeling for the character. ]

Observations on the film "Zulu" by John McAdam, The Journal of the Anglo-Zulu War Historical Research Assoc.  [Note:  More than you  ever wanted to know  about historical inaccuracies in Zulu.]

Mr. Kipling's Army by Byron Farwell, W.W. Norton & Co., NY, 1981, ISBN 0-393-01386-3     [If watching Zulu makes you want to know more about the day-to-day lives of real 19th century British soldiers, then this is your book.  Farwell describes everything-- the regiments and ranks, the uniforms, the food and manners and customs. With  black-and-white illustrations.] 

Bliss of Mrs. Blossom

Deviant Desires:  Incredibly Strange Sex by Katharine Gates, Juno Books, 2000, New York, NY

Body expansion fetishism and its connection to The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom are discussed in the chapter Body Inflation:  To Dream the Impossible Dream, pp. 94-105.

ABC Film Review, November, 1968, The Bliss of Mistress Blossom

ABC Film Review, December, 1968, The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom


Films and Filming, May 1971 (Vol 17, No. 8) – .
Photospread  on Revenge has two sides containing 6 pictures and no review.

Obituary, The Times, 8/17/05

Obituary, The Scotsman, 8/15/05

Obituary, Playbill, 8/30/05

Obituary, Herald, 8/17/05

Obituary, Telegraph, 8/16/05

Obituary, LA Times, 8/23/05

Obituary, BBC , 8/16/05

Obituary, The Independent

Obituary, Sunday Mirror