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Title Episode Role Date Comments

The Red Phone 


  Russian Minister 2001 Series pilot



To the Last Man Zach the Preacher 1992  
Omnibus BBC profile of Joan Littlewood himself 1994  
 Acapulco H.E.A.T.


Code Name:  Stalemate Andre Sokol 1994 1994



Gone with the Winchester Toby Jug Johnson 2/11/93 Comments by John Grimsey
Twin Peaks    #2.13


Ernie Niles 119/91 See interview, Hello Magazine

Twin Peaks  



The Black Widow

Ernie Niles 1/12/91 See interview, Hello Magazine

Twin Peaks   



Masked Ball

Ernie Niles 12/15/90 See interview, Hello Magazine

Twin Peaks   



Dispute Between Brothers

Ernie Niles 2/8/90 See interview, Hello Magazine

Twin Peaks   



Drive With a Dead Girl

Ernie Niles 11/17/90 See interview, Hello Magazine

Bill, The   



Crime and Punishment

Freddy Walker 1/25/2000  
Lovejoy    #2.12

Black Virgin of Vladimir

Mordecai Frobel 1991  




Riding in Rollers

Mordecai Frobel 1991  




All the Sad Songs

Nicholas Wolfe 3/4/1990 Iwan Williams comments on Bergerac/All the Sad Songs
Hart to Hart   



Death in the Slow Lane

Mallicent 6/3/1990  

Auf Wiedersehen Pet


  Kenny Ames 1983  



N/A Charlie Jackson 1982

Synopsis and preview



Fall Guy, The   



Child's Play

Ian Graham 3/24/82  

Jennifer:  A Woman's Story


N/A George Black 1979  

Evening in Byzantium


  Jack Conrad 1978 Mini-article about Evening In Byzantium, TV Times


 [aka Arthur Haley's Wheels] 


Sir Phillip Sturdevant 1978 mini-series
Baretta #4.11

Hot Horse


Murder in Peyton Place  


  Tommy Crimpton 1977?  

Meeting of Minds   


Season 2,

#11 & 12

Sir Francis Bacon    
Charlie's Angels 



Sweeney, The   




Vic Labbett 10/20/75  
The Way of the World:

The Confederacy of the Wives

  Dick Amlet

(son of Mrs. Amlet)


Original play by John Vanbrugh

Thames Television

BFI synopsis

Shirley's World 


A Mother's Touch Edmund Remberg 6/16/72  
Late Night Line-Up BBC2 extended profile of

Johnny Speight

Himself 1972  
Them   Cockney 1972 See interview "The only real Irishman is a man with an English mother"

Hardy Boys Mysteries, The   



Assault on the Tower





Second  Sight

Rev. Jess Avery 1/9/72  See Bonanza Website


Streets of San Francisco, The


[unknown] The Vessel of Wrath Ginger Ted 5/21/70 BBC2

Article, Radio Times

Youth Wave   Himself 1968

Documentary on actors' lives covers JB circa Bliss of Mrs. Blossom

BFI synopsis

Sunday Night at the London Palladium 3/?/64 Program host Bruce Forsythe does spoof of Zulu with Stanley Baker and James Booth (in red coats).
First Night Stray Cats and Empty Bottles Newton 1/?/64 BBC television play

Article, Radio Times

Steam, Sanctity and Song   Himself, as a singer 8/1/1963 BBC documentary

"Social history of Victorian England as reflected in music hall songs of the time." -- BBC Catalog

Narrated by Sir Michael Redgrave and Joan Greenwood.  With Eira Heath, Patsy Rowlands, and David Kernan (Hitch in Zulu).

Armchair Theatre Great Gold Bullion Robbery, The Edward Agar 12/25/60 Article, TV Times

Sunday Night Play, The


The Ruffians

The Stage, 10/13/60:  Ruffians, Review

The Stage, 10/6/60:  Ruffians, photo

The Stage, 9/22/60 (Ruffians, blurb)




Article, Radio Times

Mission: Impossible 


Disturbance Unknown 6/4/58 ITV Associated-Rediffusion

Invisible Man, The 


The  Gun Runners Ali 1959  
William Tell #1.38

The Mountain People

Josef 1959
William Tell 1.2

The Hostages

Franz 1958
Play of the Week The Iron Harp 1st Black and Tan Soldier 1958 television play costarring Richard Harris 

Link:  BFI synopsis