Letter from Iwan Williams:  Lovejoy and Eastenders




Dear Diana


I have had my first proper look at the James Booth tribute website you host, and am very impressed by it. There's a huge amount of effort and research that has gone into its production, well done!


I recently picked up, in a well known supermarket, for the princely sum of 97p a DVD of the 1989 TV movie "The Lady and the Highwayman". This was one of Hugh Grant's first films, however, of main interest to me was the fact that James Booth appears in it. I have yet to view it, but it was well worth picking it up to add to my collection, especially at 97p!


One of my favourite performances by James Booth was as Mordecai Frobel in "Lovejoy", a con-man who dressed as a Rabbi, but with a penchant for bacon sarnies! He certainly shone in roles calling for a bit of humour.


I'm very surprised that he never appeared in "Eastenders" alongside his former semi-regular co-star Barbara Windsor. He would have been very at home in the Queen Vic as an ageing cockney spiv type, after all, if 'Enders is good enough to attract stars like Ron Moody it must be doing something right!


Once again, congratulations on a great site.


Iwan Williams (Mr)

Anglesey, North Wales