Letter from Jonathan Reypert:    "Good memories"



Dear Diana,

I knew the Booth family in the 1970's when they lived at Lower Brook End in Buckinghamshire, I was friends with Jason and remember some of the things that Matthew used to get us involved in, like riding his Honda C50, which he'd bought for 8, at speeds that would probably have killed us if we'd crashed, around their large garden. I also remember their dog, Brutus, biting the arse of Matthews friend, Chris Benford.
I can only remember meeting James once, he seemed sad that he'd had to tell one of his sons off for something. His voice was just as it is in the films.
I lost touch with the Booths when they went to the States, I would very much appreciate it though, if you would pass on my condolences for their loss. I would be interested to know what Matthew and Jason are all doing now, and of course Charlotte, my sister Melanie's friend.
Many a time I used to tell my parents that my watch had stopped so that I could stay to play at their house longer, good memories.
Best regards,

Jonathan Reypert