I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight (1976)

This low-low budget sexploitation film was re-released in 1981 in the US under the title Sex Ray--though why anybody bothered, I can't say.  The story is set in a sex-research facility run by Nutbrown (James Booth).  A lowly technician, Pigeon (Barry Andrews), invents a "sex ray"   that makes people indiscriminately horny.  Pigeon hopes to use his invention to seduce Nutbrown's beautiful secretary.

I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight delivers sex and comedy in very low dosages.  There's nudity and farcical sex play but no onscreen intercourse.  The humor, ranging from slapstick to deadpan verbal wit (like  a running gag on Pigeon's name), produces a few smiles but no big laughs.  Oh, and the sex ray?  It's a strobe light.

I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight is notable for a brief appearance as an extra by Cosey Fanni Tutti, the only female member of the seminal industrial band Throbbing Gristle.  An erstwhile stripper and porn enthusiast in real life, she's one of the frolickers at Nutbrown's poolside party, which turns  into an orgy when somebody activates the sex ray.  





Review in Monthly Film Bulletin


Doing Rude Things:  The History of the British Sex Film, 1957-1981 by David McGillivray, sun tavern fields, 1992

The author of I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight describes the rise and fall of the British sexploitation film, with full attention to the genre's inanity