Letter from Matthew Booth:  French Dressing



Hello Diana,

I cannot help you much with this one but this I do know. It was shot at Herne Bay on the South East coast of England and by the look of the film it was a warm Summer. I believe Mum and Dad had honeymooned there a few years earlier too. I was very small when this film was made but my Mother told me in the past that we had a nice house to stay in and my grandparents came to visit. Roy Kinnear was Dad's co-star, and dear friend, and whom you know was also in "Sparrow's" with Dad. Also, Dad was given the bicycle that he rides around on in the film and later he rode around our garden with me on the back when I was a little older!
As for "Documents" Mr Sutton requested I believe all we might have are some old B&W photos that would have to be found at my Mothers home in the UK. Until next time.

Best regards,