Letter from Karl Hegman:  Spidey producer a Zulu fan?

October 19, 2005


You are not going to believe this:

I purchased the 6 set '67 Spider Man' original episodes from amazon.com which is 6 DVD's of the animated series that ran from 1967-1970 Saturday Mornings on ABC. It has all 52 episodes. I got them to watch with [my son] as I recall the excitement of seeing them as I was a comic junkie and loved Spider Man when I was his age.

One of the episodes deals with J Jonah James wanted to tear down an old movie theater, and one of the actors on the marquee outside with his picture is "James Boothe"!  The name of the episode was Farewell Performance, I believe.

The cartoon character resembles Jimmy a bit as well.

The character is actually in the episode and Spidey refers to him by his name.

Is that wild??????

The producer must have been a Zulu fan, I'll bet you as I am certain of it-just a gut feeling.

Hope all is well;