If  you have any of these and are willing to sell or swap, please contact me (diana@odorofpears.com).


Does anybody have theater programs, posters, reviews, photos, or other materials relating to any of James's more obscure theatrical performances?  These would include:

The Al Chemist Show

Gentlemen Prefer Anything

The Alchemist

Big Soft Nellie


The Scarlet Pimpernel



I'm also still  looking for copies of  the following movies and TV shows.  Videotape in NTSC format is best , but PAL is acceptable; DVD is fine in either Region 1 or Region 2 format. 

BAFTA Awards Ceremony, 2/19/2006

The Iron Harp (1959)

Disturbance (year unknown, but 1959 or earlier)

The Girl in the Picture (1955)

The Great Gold Bullion Robbery, 1960

The Ruffians, BBC, 10/9/1960

Steam, Sanctity and Song, BBC, 1963

Stray Cats and Empty Bottles, BBC-TV play (1964)

Youth Wave (1968)

The Vessel of Wrath by W. Somerset Maugham, BBC-TV (1970)

The Way of the World:  The Conferacy of the Wives (1975-TV)

Wheels (1978-TV)

Them (1972-TV)

The Man Who Knew Too Little (year unknown) 

The Red Phone (TV show):   episodes Manhunt and Checkmate (2001)