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The Zulu Film Store

Link:  Stanley Baker tribute site

Yes, the professional website for James's older son himself!
A nice statement about James Booth and the ceremony at Hook's grave

Rorke's Drift playsets by Conte section on Battle of Rorke's Drift  A website and associated (paper) magazine devoted to classic and cult films of the 60s and 70s, written by and about the actors and filmmakers of the era.   A comprehensive listing of nearly every film ever made, with exhaustive technical information and critical commentary on most,  this website is an indispensable tool for research.  Video dealer with many rare and obscure titles.  The best place to buy James Booth memorabilia.

Review of Travesties in Time, 11/10/75:  "Dance of Words"

Link:  Sparrows Can't Sing available from BFI

Link:  Sparrows Can't Sing described in film festival article

Link:  Hotline synopsis and preview


Link:  An appreciative mention of Zulu/Hook


Links:  Check out the BFI's database on:

    The Iron Harp

    The Sweeney:  Poppy

    Passez une Bonne Nuit



Adam's Woman:

(Pictures of "Bess" (Jane Merrow) with shaved head)


Amateur fiction:  a modern-day American's fantasy of becoming a 19th century Zulu warrior


Link:  Sheldon Hall's Zulu reviewed by Christopher Sharett

With Some Guts Behind It:  The Making of Zulu by Sheldon Hall,  forthcoming from Tomahawk Media Enterprises, Ltd.

Bonanza episode reviewed:

Brian W. Aldiss talks to Zulu's director, Cy Endfield.

Stanley Baker page with videotaped interview clips.  Hear Sir Stanley himself talk about finding the backing to make Zulu!

Bruce Hershenson Online:  Vintage Movie Posters & Movie Poster Books

Online source for lobby cards, photos, and other film memorabilia.  Lady Butler, a 19th Century woman artist, painted The Defence of Rorke's Drift and other military subjects.  Her work is wonderful and she herself seems too cool for words.  Learn all about the theater where James Booth  "spear-carried" early in his career.   An awesome website about the battle on which Zulu is based, and the Anglo-Zulu War generally.  The official website for the Royal Regiment of Wales.  Official website of the Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society.  Ian Knight's Zulu War site.    Check out the interview with film scholar Sheldon Hall about the new DVD of Zulu.  "The web's original Michael Caine site"       Want to learn more about the actor who played  Bromhead (and who almost played Hook)?  This site's dynamite! poem and bio about the real Pte. Henry Hook
Persistent Vegetative State by Alex Keegan
Fiction that lapses into Zulu pastiche, with references to Hook as he was portrayed in Zulu.

 specialist dealer in European theater memorabilia.

Theatre Royal Stratford East
...  - 17 KB  Official website of the theater rehabilitated by Joan Littlewood and her group
Website about Joan Littlewood & London Theatre Workshop

James Booth co-star Ann Heywood  site gives her bio and information about her work, including Ninety Degrees in the Shade.  (  "The Unofficial Tribute To Ken Russell's French Dressing".  Nick Sinclair celebrates this film for its images of Herne Bay as it was almost half a century ago.  

 All of Me by Barbara Windsor   This charming autobiography contains several long, interesting passages about the author's personal and professional relationship with James Booth.

Link: reviews Zulu


Link:  Stanley Baker tribute website



Fings Ain't Wot They Used To Be:    Bayview Records still carries the soundtrack with the original cast, including James Booth.  (He seems to sing only one song: The Student Ponce.)

Secret of My Success:  Good, detailed review from Cleveland Memory Project


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