Letter from Paul Sutton:  "At least Jimmy Booth has balls"

March 2, 2008

Dear Diana,

Your site is excellent. I've spent a very pleasant long evening having a good read. If only every actor was so lucky!

I'm writing the authorised biography of Ken Russell. James, of course, starred in Ken's first feature film. Do you have any documents regarding the production of film (Ken lost all his in a house fire last year)?

I edited Lindsay Anderson's Diaries for publication a few years back. James worked with Lindsay in the theatre in a Max Frisch play. He's mentioned in the diaries later on, in March 1965 (page 105 in the hardback edition):

12 March 1965

'Lunch with Jimmy Booth at Escargot... Jimmy very decent and generous: describes how he once punched Richard [Harris] for slamming into Morgan when pissed. Richard then (of course) blubbing repentance.' 
The "Morgan" Richard Harris slammed into was Morgan Rees-Williams, the brother of Elizabeth Harris (Richard's wife).

There is also a reference to James on 10 February 1966 (p154). Lindsay is commenting on David Warner's performance in the film 'Morgan':

10 February 1966

'David Warner incidentally, now hailed as being marvellous, seems to me as unattractive, and as hollow as ever. I can't accept his performance at all; at least Jimmy Booth has balls.'

With my best wishes
Paul Sutton