Letter from Paul Robson, 3/7/07:  Jazzboat

Hi, Diana,

I was 12 years old and I came home one afternoon, Jazzboat was on tv, I missed the first 15 mins of it and sat and watched it to the end. I thought that JB played the best part as the menacing Spider Kelly. It has been my favourite film ever since. I never ever saw it again.  JB has been my favourite actor since then.

I have seen Zulu many many times before and never tire of watching it. Once again he stole the show for me.

Me and Helen actually went to see him perform in pantomime in Newcastle in 1987; he starred as Captain Hook in Peter Pan. We had good seats and we got a good close view of him.

I have viewed your website many times and I think that it is fab. There is so many things on it about him that I never knew, because before-hand info was so scarce.

I wonder if you could help me on a couple of things about JB, Was he born in 1927 or 1930 What English football team did he support And have you ever met him.

Many thanx,


[Dear Paul,  Thanks!  1927, don't know (but will ask), and no, unfortunately. --db]