Airport '77 (1977)

Care for some Velveeta?  This  star-studded Airport sequel  ratchets up the cheese factor as a hijacked 747 full of art treasures crashes in the  Bermuda triangle.

James Booth is one of the passengers--a suit-wearing businessman type (who is identified as "Ralph Crawford" in the credits but whose name is never actually used in the film).  He looks good--trim, suave, elegant.  He's usually in the background, with the other minor passengers, responding appropriately to events of the moment.  When rescuers raise the sunken plane and begin evacuation, Crawford's right there at the forefront, helping to lift the kiddies out to the waiting arms of the Navy.

Possibly the most amusing  thing about this film now is the  "state-of-the-art" airplane, which  is so advanced it contains a videodisc player!  And some first-generation video games! 

Also on board are Jimmy Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Joseph Cotton, and Olivia de Havilland.  Jerry Jameson, of Dallas fame, directed.   


Text copyright Diana Blackwell, 2004.


Review, Time Magazine