The Breed (2001)

Like traditional vampires, they're immortal, ungodly strong, and fanged, and they can make a human into a vampire through an exchange of blood.  Unlike traditional vampires, they can survive sunlight.  This "breed" of vampire recognizes the moral problem inherent in drinking human blood, and long ago made a group decision to live on a synthetic substitute instead.  But one maverick vampire reverts to murdering people.  A human cop teams up with a vampire to track down the killer. 

James Booth plays Fleming, a scientist researching the use of viruses to kill vampires (and humans). His snow-white hair is short and spikey, and he gets to wear some freaky goggles and a futuristic, white "scientist" suit with a  padded chestpiece that makes him look a little like the Michelin Man.   Though Booth's role is small, it's important (for a change), and includes a  scenery-chewing madman speech and a grotesque death scene.

(c)  Diana Blackwell 2006