Letter from Bill Owen:  "a lovely personality" 






Hi Diana,


 I came across the pages relating to James Booth whilst surfing the internet recently and was saddened to see that he had passed away. I was fortunate to have had the most pleasant experience of spending perhaps 4 hours with James at the rear of a 747 flying from LAX to Heathrow probably in the early1980's. During that time we swapped experiences, discussed at great length our great love of soccer and drank just a few beers. A great loss of a lovely man.


 Unfortunately I am unable to remember much of our conversation it was mainly about soccer and not at all about himself and what he had done in his career. He was most unassuming and modest and was more interested in my work. I seem to remember that he was travelling to the UK to visit his mother who had been unwell.  Sorry that I cannot be more specific but my overall impression was of a lovely personality.



Best wishes for 2006.


Bill Owen

of Mid Glamorgan in Wales.