“James Booth is a striking personality, a punchy blend of toughness, potential evil, and irresistible charm.”Variety  

"A cross between Jack Lemmon and W.C. Fields"--The New York Times

"The greatest comedian since Sid Field"--Noel Coward

"At all hours you'd find him propping up the bar, a cynical, witty, impossible character, lanky and agile, with his own peculiar way of tackling life, and acting."--Joan Littlewood

"He had the face of a crumpled hat set heavily on the sort of body you would see at the lower end of a Saturday night boxing bill and his eyes seemed to warn: 'Don't mess with me, son.'"--Daily Post

"James Booth [is] everyone's favorite British Badass you always forget the name of."--Bob the Zombie

  “…particularly adept at limning smoothtalking rakes…”--Leonard Maltin    

"always [a]... wolfish, essentially untrustworthy...persona"--Joan Goodman

"My God, he's gorgeous."--Barbara Windsor, All of  Me

"One of the ten most handsome men in London"--Evening Standard

"I've always been hot-tempered, over-egotistical and in some ways violent."--James Booth

“There’s good and bad in all of us, sir.” -- Alfred Wood, The Trials of Oscar Wilde


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